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The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, (TRCN) is an organization of the Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria. It was laid out by the TRCN Decree N0. 31 of 1993(now TRCN Act CAP T3 of 2004).

TRCN is an organization of the Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria. Which does the accompanying projects and exercises:

(I) Registration, Recruitment and Licensing of qualified Teachers.

(ii) Accreditation, observing and management of the courses and projects of Teacher Training Institutions in Nigeria.

This article is centered around the TRCN Past Questions and Answers, and in light of the fact that we as a whole realize that it is truly useful to have an idea about how the past inquiries look, to that end we required some investment to refresh the TRCN Past Questions and Answers to assist you with better comprehension what to focus on.

This page basically contains TRCN test past inquiries and replies. Furthermore, we have incorporated a technique for you to get the TRCN past inquiries PDF.

TRCN Exam Past Questions

The Nigerian Teachers Registration Council typically directs her tests utilizing a PC based test (CBT).For each of the categories listed below, you will find a full collection of previous questions and answers.

  • Category A (For those registering with Ph.D)
  • Category B (For those registering with Master’s Degree)
  • Category C (For those registering with B.Sc & B.ed)
  • Category D (For those registering with NCE)

You should be capable of prevailing in the TRCN Professional Questions Examination for the 2022/2023 screening exercise. These questions are drawn from the in excess of 23 prospectuses referenced syllabus.

TRCN Past Questions Course Titles   

  1.   History of Education.
  2.   Philosophy of Education.
  3.    Sociology of Education
  4.     Educational Psychology
  5.     Guidance and Counseling.
  6.  Teaching Profession.
  7.    Teacher Education.
  8.    Classroom Management & School organization.
  9.   Educational Technology.
  10.    Subject Methodology.
  11.   Child-Friendly School Theory & Practice.
  12.    Curriculum Studies
  13.     Measurement and Evaluation    .
  14.    Educational Management.
  15.     Special Education.
  16.     Adult Education.
  17.   Comparative Education.
  18.   Educational Statistics.
  19.   Educational Research Methods.
  20.    English Language and Communication Skills.
  21.   Use of the Library.
  22.    Basic Mathematics
  23.     Micro Teaching.

The TRCN PQE past inquiries and answers are planned to help you in effectively getting ready for and reading up helping you in finishing TRCN tests this year and scoring well is additionally expected. If you have any desire to do well in your tests this year, you can go through the earlier years’ questions.

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria generally set 100 Objective Questions in 1 Hour.

Also, to breeze through the TRCN test, candidates should score half(50)or more in the assessment.

Through this material, you can be guaranteed success in the aptitude test exercise. Yes, it is possible and we can boldly say this because of the testimonies we’ve received from others.

Free TRCN Past Questions 

The following are samples of TRCN past questions provided for free below;

1. Pioneers of comparative education exclude the following
A.) John Griscom

B.) Victor Cousin

C.) Austin Saunders

D.) Horrace Mann

2. The application of philosophical approach to comparative education is associated with

A.) Julius Nyerere

B.) Rasmos Sergius Hassan

C.) Serguis Hassan

D.) Hegel

3. Which of the following computer networks does not use the global system?

A.) intranet

B.) google

C.) info(


4. Teacher education curriculum is designed particularly to equip trainee teachers with knowledge and skills in the following except

A.) liberal knowledge

B.) subject knowledge

C.) scientific knowledge

D.) professional knowledge

5. The import of research in special need education excludes to—

A.) Evaluate authenticity of concepts in the field.

B.) Assess effects of beliefs and decisions

C.) Assess effectiveness of programme

D.) Contribute theories in the field

6. Environment of effective classroom interaction is

A.) Noisy

B.) Silent

C.) Interactive

D.) Engaging

7. Which of the theories most emphasize the teachers role

A.) Cognitive

B.) Behaviorism

C.) Gestalt

D.) Instructional Theory

8. In the library, the call number is critical to

A.) Lending

B.) Shelving

C.) Retrieval

D.) Cataloging

9. Key component of defining intellectual retardation exclude which of these variables

A.) Nomenclature

B.) Intellectual Function

C.) Systems Support

D.) Adaptive Behavior

10. In English writing, replacing “and” with “&” is called

A.) Abbreviation

B.) Short form

C.) Ampersand

D.) Slang

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